Invite Scholarium to your Organization

Invite Scholarium to Your Organization

Are you an institution looking to enrich and educate your employees, staff, or congregation members? Scholarium can provide you with stimulating and experienced speakers coming from a wide variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Scholarium tailors courses for your needs. Whether you’re looking for enrichment opportunities for employees or lifelong learning for your local community, Scholarium will work with you to design unique courses by tapping into our vast pool of PhDs.

Scholarium is happy to announce our new collaboration with Arlington Community Education

Schlolarium is offering a 5-session course “Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls” at Temple Shir TIkvah at Winchester MA. The course is offered by archaeologists and scholar of biblical studies Scott Chase.

Here are just a few examples of the courses and lectures we can bring to your community:

• Survey of World Religions

• Evolutionary Psychology: How our Mind Evolved

• Global Media

• Transhumanism and Technology in the 21st Century

• Greek Philosophy: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

• Exploring the Worlds of Chinese Landscapes Painting and Calligraphy

• Meditation: From Religion to Neuroscience

• Cross-Cultural Psychology: How are cultures different and why?

• Zen Buddhism

• The Epic of Gilgamesh: The World’s Earliest Literature

• The Science of Sex and Gender

• The Evolution of Music in Human Societies

• The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

• Magic and Religion

• Cultural Evolution: Extending Biology through Culture

• The Dao: An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

• Emancipation and Systemic Oppression: Hegel, Marx, and Foucault

• The Roots of Modernity in the European Enlightenment

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