Invite Scholarium to your Organization

Invite Scholarium to Your Organization

Scholarium tailors courses for your needs. Whether you’re looking for enrichment opportunities for employees or for lifelong learning for your local congregation, Scholarium will work with you to design unique courses by tapping into a vast pool of PhDs.

As many business and industry leaders have recognized, employees with a humanities background bring with them a unique skillset that includes critical thinking, creative problem-solving and empathic communication. At Scholarium we draw on a broad range of specializations to develop a customized and engaging curriculum that will stimulate and enrich participants in both personal and professional capacities.


Choose from our broad selection of courses or contact us to develop new ones.

• Evolutionary Psychology: How the Human Mind Evolved

• World Religions

• Contemporary Meditation Practices

• Cross-Cultural Psychology: How are cultures different and why?

• Zen Buddhism

• The Science of sex and gender

• The Origins of Music

• Christianity in American Politics

• How the Dead Sea Scrolls Changed History

• Magic and Religion

• Greek Philosophy

• Kabbalah: The Mystical Tradition in Judaism

• Sufism

• Transhumanism and Religion in the 21st Century

• New Age Religions

• The Future of Religions

• The Way: An Introduction to Daoism

• Islam in America

• Secularization

• Religion and Reason in the European Enlightenment

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