Invite Scholarium to your Organization

Invite Scholarium to Your Organization

Scholarium tailors courses specifically for you and your organization. Whether you’re looking for enrichment opportunities for employees or for lifelong learning for your local congregation, Scholarium will work with you to design unique courses using our vast pool of scholars eager to introduce their research to audiences in the public sphere.

Scholarium’s Employee Learning Package combines the goals of employee enrichment with the benefits of a humanities education. Employee enrichment programs contribute to a proper work-life balance and increase employee retention, commitment, productivity and overall satisfaction. Employees who know that the company they work for is invested in their personal growth and well-being are more motivated to contribute to its success. As many business and industry leaders have recognized, employees with a humanities background bring with them a unique skillset that includes critical thinking, creative problem-solving and empathic communication. The shared experience of studying a subject of interest, whether Shakespeare, modern philosophy, or Chinese history, can contribute to a sense of community and increase communication and collaboration. At Scholarium we draw on a broad range of courses in the humanities and social sciences to develop a customized and engaging curriculum that will stimulate and enrich participants in both personal and professional capacities.


Temple Shir Tikvah, Winchester, Mass. — Six-lecture course in Comparative Religion

“This has been an incredible experience. It’s been exciting to see the adult community at Shir Tikvah be so excited about learning!”

“Outstanding lecturer – clear, engaging, incredibly knowledgeable. Crystalized an understanding of my experience and my culture”

“Amazing level of depth. Thought provoking, info. Material well prepared”

Runkle School, Brookline, Mass. — 12 classes for 3-5th-grade students in Chinese Calligraphy

“My daughter learned to write beautiful Chinese characters, and ended the course with a an amazing portfolio of her work”

“The instructor was patient and hit the right balance between providing the kids with structure and playfulness”

“The course was a success, the kids loved it. We should invite more coursed like this to our school”

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