Publish a “5 Minute About…” Video

Publishing with Scholarium

Scholarium’s “5 Minutes About…” videos are a simple, fun, and extremely effective way to expose your work to a huge audience of curious people online! All you need to do is the following:

What we need from you:

1) Produce an audio or visual recording of you lecturing for approximately five minutes about your topic of research

  • Make sure your chosen topic is one that you are passionate about and qualified to present, for more details on creating a good recording click here.
  • The recording might require simple edits to cut out redundant parts, interjections, or anything that you don’t want on the final video. Once you’re done send it along!

2) Send us a short bio blurb about yourself. This short introduction will be posted together with your video.

3) If you wish, you can also send us a quality headshot to include with your bio


Scholarium will do all the rest!

1) We will edit your recording to include stimulating images, clips, and graphics

2) We will add your video to our “5 Minutes About…” bank and promote it on social media to make sure that it reaches the greatest amount of people online. This will also include visibility on Scholarium’s website, Facebook group, Twitter, and YouTube page.

Register your interest today!

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